You are not your work!

Criticism can be one of the hardest tools to master. Yes, it is a tool. In the beginning it is hard not to get hung up on your work. You spend countless hours learning the programs/tools/techniques and finally put it to the test and make your own creation to have someone come by and say, "that isn't working for me" try changing ...." "scrap it and start over" whatever it might be this is your master piece and they just squashed it. Heartbreaking, right!? Wrong. This is where you take their criticism and ask for more and from other people too. Separate yourself from your work and take it all in. You are not your work! That master piece will seem so far from who you are as a designer in a few years from now. If you take their criticism to heart and reject what your critic is saying you've lost all opportunity to learn. That would be a shame. Don't squander the opportunity to learn, separate yourself from your work and grow!

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