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I was asked to create a website with and I never used it before, so I wasn’t sure where everything was. I told my client who asked me to build a site with this tool, that I didn’t know this platform, but I would figure out how and on my own time. I love learning new tools, so I was totally game to make this happen! was an excellent resource to help me figure out where everything was.

The biggest thing for me was the difference between Pages and Posts. We created the Pages for the main content and about the company. The Posts were used for the blog section. Everything in is laid out really nice and easy to navigate through - user friendly for sure! As we got through the project, I did have to add a few plugins on the page to make it function a bit better. For example, “Post Types Order” was great so you could arrange how you want the Posts to show up on the page. I highly recommend that plugin if you have a blog section. The other key highlight was the blocks. It was really simple to add copy, images, buttons, graphics and links to the page. I did notice there is an option to switch from a block to html code, that was really helpful! The layout was beautiful, so I only had to do that on one section.

Overall, it was a fluent experience and I would recommend it to my clients.

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