Typography, the heavy hitter!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Typography for me is this overwhelming idea of possibilities. When you open up your document and you are staring at a blank white page and thinking…. What font? What style of layout? How do I want this to form on the page? Are we going to add graphics? Imagery? Both? All? How are we going to simplify it to make sense to the viewer? Is this going to work in print, animation, mobile or web? All these questions? This is exciting to think about!

Then it all circles back to the Typography as it is the heavy hitter! It helps add that emotion on the page but also has to make sense and be legible. Then you have to think about selecting a typeface with a big family, so you can use it for a variety of different applications. Limiting yourself could come back to haunt you and possibly cost time and money. That’s not worth it! Think it through first.

My top four are: Helvetica, Calibri, Futura and Gotham. I found Helvetica works really well design wise as a really diverse font but mostly because I can switch it to Arial if I’m working with clients as it is similar. I can then use Helvetica’s font family which gives me a variety of different options while working in my design programs but if I have to switch to a working document between multiple people I can then use Arial, and everything will look similar. You wouldn’t want to use a font that other people probably won’t have when sharing projects with clients. Especially, in Microsoft Word as it can reformat everything which can cause so much heartache, time and money. NOOOoooo, don’t do it. Calibri is great for most documents when sharing with larger projects and is beautiful on the page. Futura and Gotham I like to use for more design-based projects as they fit well on the page and look gorgeous in print. They are all great options to work with depending on what you’re designing and if you are sharing documents or not! I think that’s the beauty of it. Helvetica, Calibri, Futura and Gotham are classics but they’re timeless.

Once you choose your Typography you can start to move things around and begin thinking about imagery, graphics and application. That is the fun part! You can sketch it out or just pull things here or move things there until it makes sense. Then grow it however you feel and possibly hit up animation and make it move!

There are so many options and it can be so exciting to see your project evolve and be shared with others!

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