Push back a bit.

I’m one of those people who gets excited about a project and dives in full force. Hustle, passionate that’s my jam! I make the decision right away that we are make this happen and it is going to be incredible. But, a big BUT…. I’ve learned that I may (I can hear my husband’s voice right now) I may, need to slow down a bit. Push back! Over the last while I’ve said yes and yes to all this exciting and fantastic opportunities because they make a difference in my community and I want to help make it happen. I know I can, and it is going to be beautiful! As a designer you can take a project from simple text on a page to creating a document with feeling and emotion, which changes the whole dynamic of the piece. It is an incredible feeling!

With that being said, knowing boundaries and setting them is the only way to not get burnt out and stay healthy. You can still be bold and make things happen but in a more controlled way.

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