Let’s talk about websites!

For real! Which one is the best? I can’t decide! I’ve worked on Teamsite, Webflow,, Dreamweaver, Wix and Squarespace. Teamsite is mostly code, and I like that because you have a bit more control than a template-based system. Dreamweaver I used YEARS ago and remembered strongly disliking it. Wix and Square space is more your cookie-cutter websites and is good if you want to put something up. I built a site out of Wix because I wanted to try it, and it’s okay. It’s not a fully responsive site, which I’m not a big fan of. That meaning if you shrink your page, it creates a scroll instead of reformatting the graphics/text and stacking accordingly. It formats great to mobile, but when you shrink your window, it isn't the best. I make my images the same size, so they stack nicely on all devices, so when it doesn’t have this feature, a bit of a letdown. is really cool! You have the template but the option to add code if you like. I didn’t have to add code on the website I built but really nice to know the option is there if needed. Webflow, this one is becoming my favourite. As I make my way through trying different platforms, this one is still holding strong for me. You can test on all devices within the platform. There is a preview feature to do this! How cool is that? You don’t have to grab a tablet, iPhone, Android, desktop computer etc. (you probably should make sure on an actual device, but it saves a ton of testing time). You can resize in all different phone sizes, and it shows you which one you are formatting it to. If you know, your target market is this group, and they buy iPhones mostly. You can base the best layout on them. Giving them the best experience. Like life, you can’t please everyone as in building websites. You have to navigate to the best outcome possible for the greatest number of viewers.

Okay, maybe there isn’t one answer in this. It depends on the “ASK,” target market, who you're designing for, user experience, functionality, layout and creative edge on your competitors.

Excited to try a new website platform in the next few months! Yay!

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