Keep your clients involved.

Recently, I’ve been working on a few projects with different cities. Yes, so exciting! I love working on projects with larger organizations. There is something about the corporate feel that makes me happy!

The projects lately have been similar in an idea, but I want them to be different in design! Specifically driven for that company or organization and their unique style. How do you do this? My process starts with combining both research I find online and research driven from a Research and Data Analyst. This way the design research I can source and the other is more driven towards the project itself. Thus, getting a more well-rounded concept. Once I have this, and an idea of what the client wants then I start to sketch out an 8x10 poster design. I love to do this from actual imagery from the city, iconic elements and pieces from their brand. As the project develops and you conversate with the client of course, this may change. That’s okay. As long as you start from the core and build your design out while working with your client along the way – you both will be happier. I emphasis this, KEEP YOUR CLIENT INVOLVED throughout the process. That will save you time, frustration and more importantly the budget for your project. I don’t mean have them hover over your every move but once you finish a bit of the project have them review it and see what they think.

They are paying for this and you are the designer and you know design, but THEY KNOW their brand. They should be happy with the results! That’s the end goal of all this. Coming out with an audacious design that reflects them and their brand.

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