Do I build others dreams at the expense of my own?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

As I sit here on parental leave for the moment. Realizing in a month in a half I will be sitting at my desk at work in the Corporate office at a Credit Union. Marketing, one of the most exciting departments you could work for. I sincerely enjoy the people I work with and the organizations core values. It is honestly an honour to work in the Credit Union industry as I have a passion for banking and design. It works perfectly!

I can’t stop to think though…. Am I building others dreams at the expense of my own? I do freelance work as well as work full-time for another organization – I do both. I’m helping build the Credit Unions vision, my clients vision and my own. (Yes, sounds exhausting.) I enjoy being busy and getting those emails back when clients say “This looks incredible” “Danielle did an excellent job” and so on. That is what gives you the drive. But, when you have two girls at home and a husband you take note of how much time you spend on things and prioritize what is important. Family is most important then work, of course.

But, is this all at the expense of my own dreams? My answer is no. My dream is to be a designer, be challenged, have that work life balance, work with people and organizations that I’m proud to do work with and grow as individual. Truth is, I’m just going with what makes sense in the moment. To live in the moment and love what you do every day - That’s my dream!

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